choosing your wedding theme can be a piece of cake!

a piece of cake with tea and milk

Trying to create the perfect wedding theme that suits your own personal style? Look no further, get inspired by these unique ideas that will have you choosing your wedding theme and ready to start planning your special day.

Classic-Traditional Wedding Theme

Create your timeless wedding with a classic traditional theme. Choose a colour scheme, mostly white and neutrals, that will never go out of style. A classic wedding will have formal attire, and have a romantic elegance with an emotional feel. Beautiful, yet understated décor with every detail covered. Simply put, a classic wedding will have the ceremony be the focus of the day. You and your guests will never forget this classic traditional wedding.

Rustic-Bohemian Wedding Theme

If the classic traditional wedding is not for you then a bohemian wedding with a rustic flare might be just what you are looking for. Imagine your day surrounded in a beautiful open-air venue with a laid-back unique and incredibly romantic feel. Whether it’s a barn wedding or a stunning outdoor rustic setting you will be able to save on cost without sacrificing style. Allow your free-spirited personality to come to life. For the creative couple looking for a light carefree rustic vibe. It will be remembered as the most stylish and charming event for years to come.

a barn theme venue
Barn Wedding Reception

Tropical-Destination Wedding Theme

married couple sitting on a dock at the beach

Weddings don’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. If you want your day to feel like the perfect getaway then a tropical destination wedding theme might be just what you are looking for. Most resorts will offer a wedding planner or have a team of professionals to help organize all the details to customize your wedding to fit 

your personal taste. This will ease the stress of all the planning you are trying to avoid. On the plus side, you will still be able to shop for all the fun elements that make your wedding memorable. Pick the perfect dress, shoes (or no shoes), hair accessories, jewellery and any décor or wedding favours that will personalize your unforgettable day. Your personal paradise is only a reservation away.

Winery Wedding Theme

Refined and elegant, surrounded by beautiful lush landscaping, this is why so many are choosing wineries to spend their most memorable day. Romance and wine are closely connected and that is the ambiance that a winery will bring to your wedding. Celebrate your reception in a beautiful tent with stunning views, a perfect setting for your wedding 

a winery setting during sunset

photos. Your guests will thank you for the incredible wedding meal that they will be talking about for years. Perfect wine and culinary excellence await you at a winery themed wedding.

Glamorous Wedding Theme

If subtle and understated doesn’t match your style then a glamorous wedding theme is for you. Following all the on-trend wedding details with a sophisticated and luxurious feel. Start by choosing the perfect venue that suits your vision. Choose breathtaking floral arrangements and extravagant tall centerpieces. These larger than life florals will bring elegance to the entire setting of your magical day. Elevate your wedding reception with live entertainment in an over the top venue that will leave your guests speechless. Add that extra glam with hints of gold in your wedding invitations, floral pieces, and table settings, giving your wedding that extra polished look and feel. You and your guests will feel like royalty, even if for just one day.

Remember, couples with different styles can choose elements from different themes to customize their wedding, making it even more special and unique. Ultimately, choosing your wedding theme is up to you, as it should represent you as a couple. Once you decide on what style or theme works best for you, planning will be a piece of cake!