a wedding for all seasons

Still trying to decide on which wedding season to celebrate your wedding? There are many things to consider. Here are a few ideas to help you decide on a wedding season that best suits you and your budget.

Spring Wedding

A time when everything comes to life and is renewed. If you’re thinking of choosing to celebrate your wedding in the springtime you will have endless options. The weather is not too warm and you are not bound to a reception that is all indoor.  Late spring gives you the option of an outdoor ceremony where you and your guests will still feel comfort able and not have to worry about hot and humid temperatures. Keep in mind that May and June are very popular months that couples choose for wedding dates, and it really is no surprise that venues and vendors book up pretty quickly during these months. Just keep this in mind when you set your date as you will want to have plenty of time to make reservations and not come out disappointed.

Summer Wedding

married couple on the beach in the summer

Thinking of having a garden wedding with a light and airy feel then a summertime wedding is your season of choice. By opting for a summer wedding you will be able to bring your creativity to life. Use vibrant colour palettes throughout to add that seasonal flare. Hosting your reception in an outdoor open air venue surrounded by 

beautiful landscaping with seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables that can all be incorporated into your warm weathered event. Drop the layers by choosing an off the shoulders or even sleeveless wedding gown. Take advantage of the weather by taking stunning outdoor wedding photos. Serve your guests your favourite summertime snacks by adding a s’mores bar or an ice cream station at your reception.

Fall Wedding

Harvest colours are out, weather is beautiful and love is in the air. This is why fall is the most popular season for weddings. It is no shock that September is the number one month to pick for wedding dates. The autumn season can be super trendy and rustic and everything in between. There are so many options when it comes to choosing venues because you can capitalize on the warm weather during the day as well as enjoy cool evenings where you and your guests can cozy up to a warm fire creating a perfect autumn vibe. Surround your venue with autumn décor, like deep orange foliage and cream coloured pumpkins. It really has it all. As all the leaves begin to change colours you will have the perfect backdrop for taking stunning photos for this breath-taking autumn affair.

a bride walking in the park in the fall
wedding rings on autumn leaves

Winter Wedding

Create your own winter wonderland with an elegant winter wedding. Sophisticated with a romantic ambiance is all that getting married in the winter season can bring. Imagine hanging white string lights and cozy fireplaces in a magnificent snowy settings. That’s not all, you will be able to do all this at a fraction of the cost. Since winter is an off-season for weddings, vendors will be more 

wedding rings in a winter setting in the snow

inclined to discount there services during this time and you wouldn’t have to book everything so much in advance to reserve your preferred vendors. You can even be creative and add a hot chocolate bar, or offer seasonal drinks liked spiked eggnog or mulled apple cider. If choosing a date near Christmas or Valentine’s Day you may even save on décor as most venue’s will already be decorated during these times. Guests will be excited to get dressed up and get out of the house to come and celebrate your wedding that will brighten up a dull and tiresome winter!